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Hairdreams? part IV

Yes, smile please.

Having a perm done is so much fun.  In fact following your hairdream/fantasy/fetish is the best thing one can do,  don’t “just”  dream about your feelings… just “do”.  I did it… now you.

Who is next?  Leave a comment about your hairfetish/fantasy and how you cope with it. You are not alone, many people share feelings like you… share your toughts / feelings here… perhaps you are as lucky as I was in finding a very nice person over the Internet to relate to about the fetish and also other things.


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  1. i interested about perm from my 12 years was in year 1993. in my school was one teacher who always had shorter straight fine hair. one day she came with perm. at those times was modern wet look perm. i was watching excitedly on her curls- they were so fast and fresh…
    if i came from the school i had in my head only thoughts on her perm and i imagined her how she sat in salon with head full of perm rods…
    it was my first knowledge that perm make sometimes in me…
    in a day or two she got curls blow-dry. it was good-looking too.
    i think that perm helped to the effect that her hair was looked thickly.and it was her wish.
    now i interested only about men´s perm but these memory was first and new for me…

    Comment by pavel | 27 November 2010 | Reply

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