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All F’s … part II



I made a few friends over the years over the Internet, some over my blog / yahoogroups etc… so those friends  know all about my fetish-feelings. In fact some of those friends share in my fetish, or have an other hairrelated fetish. I don’t have exact facts and figures but to me it seems having somekind of fetish is not that uncommon.

Due to the fact that internet is a globalwideplatform one can find people everywhere, that is if they can find you. I decided to open up about my feelings / fetish, not to show off… not to “look at me”  etc. No, I did it it to show that if one has such fetish one is totally normal and it can be a lot of fun to play with such feelings.

So thanks to all the people that I made a friendship with sofar, I hope many more will follow.

And to all readers… if you have fetishfeelings for something like the above photo then try to o like me, enjoy it the way you feel is right.


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