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All F’s … part III


She is smiling… and she is getting a perm done. Both are facts.

With a  fetish most of the time we are not dealing with facts, that is… well a lot of people have a fetish, and some of them have a fetish that is hair related or even perm related, but to most of them it remains a form of fantasy. They are afraid of doing something with these feelings.

I think all people have somekind of fantasy about sexual things, I think that all people have a fetish of somekind but it’s just not called that way because “fetish”  sounds  “weird”.  To enjoy one’s  fetish it is not needed to really do something with it, just dream about or tell/write fantasy stories can be enough to some.

For me fetish & fantasy became facts when I started getting perms, and boy do I love it.


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