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All F’s … part IV

This week it’s al about “Fakes”.

Fakes are people that are afraid of their fetish and therefore behind a screenname ( often of the opposite gender) and hoping that you will help them into getting “hot”  over chatting about certain fetish-things so they can jerk their ‘weener’.

We all know who they are, but they keep coming back,  new  name / yahoo-profile / msn-emailadres, new story.. but offcourse that all does not change who you are really dealing with.

These “fakes” seem to be multipling like rabbits and keep wasting our time in hope to get it off. Well it just pisses us off, like hell ! , so just stop with it.  If you want us to believe you are a female, then show yourself over webcam…  but we have heard all possible excuses on that topic.

Wow, that sounds hard, or not?  Oh Jeroen only want to chat with real females?  No, I just don’t like to be fooled with, it’s  not only men playing somekind of game that they want to be a female in hope for more / other response, but there are also males that live in  their “dream” / “fantasy”  and they try to bring it all as the truth. Roleplaying or in hope of different response by keeping up all these kinds of lies, well to me it doesn’t do anything… except annoy me.

I just would like to chat with real people that have somekind of fetish related to salons / capes , maybe perms? 😉  But just be who / what you really are  and if you get horny over certain things be fair about it if you really once had such treatment done or that you “dream” about it. I know how it feels to have such feelings and getting “stuck” at daydreams, it took me 20 years to get a perm done… so during those 20 year I “dreamt” , but I never try to trick an other into thinking  I did more then I really did, get it?

During the last years I have made many friends online , most men  and some woman,  one of is very very dear to me. But all of these people are fair to me, offcourse they don’t all have 100% matching fetish with me, some males like to crossdress etc, but they are fair..  and that’s very important  be “fair”  not “fake”.

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