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All F’s … part V

Four years ago I started blogging, untill mid on 2009 on 360 from Yahoo and since that was closed down, I changed to WordPress.  On yahoo 360 I had some 40.000 hits in 3,5 years,  here on WordPress it goes much much better, many thanks to all my readers… in the last 3 months  over 8.000 hits per month, wow ! For 2010 it’s over 66.000 hits, that’s  right > 5.500 on average per month.

Why did I start blogging? Well, lots of reasons. Firstly I allready knew then that more people have somekind of fetish concerning hair / salons etc, I wanted them to know that they are not alone and that living out a Fetish can be a lot of fun.

So what did I do? Well  On Friday 12th November 2010 I visited my favourite Salon, the “Cut And Go”

It was time to re-perm, since my perm before that one was done in July.

This time I had to wait some time, and after some time it was my turn. Today the same stylist was helping that cut my hair twice before, the last time was in May 2010. Now she asked me the same question going to the chair as in May “A perm today?” , this time the answer was “yes, indeed”

My chair that day was the one in the front at the right side in the photo.

This perm was done on blue and blue/gray permrods. The blue/gray are a bit thicker then blue. During the windup I noticed that a woman was watching it all, my chair was on the corner and around the corner an other stylingchair, the customer there was watching me.

This stylist, Tanja, did the winding very good, and used those permrod-sticks during the wind… those are there to avoid hair being too tight under the rubber bands, but to me the feel of the rods is better then. After the wind she used a cottonstrip , yes. Also I got an extra towel on my shoulders, under de climasun for the “bake” .  I also liked it that when she did me she was wearing an apron, she put it away to cut other people’s hair during my processing but each time with me she had her apron on.

After the neutralizing in the washingbowl and some conditioning she gave me a headmassage, cool yes? A Salon with suburb prices and what a service and quality.

Needless to say it was one of my best permingexpierences sofar, not only the time in the salon was super, but I was in love with this perm from day 1,  normally I find a perm too tight for 1 week / 2 weeks … but this one was/is suberb.

So those are more facts from me.

What about you all?  Facts? Fiction? Fantasy? What is it going to be? Or will you continue to annoy people by pretending to be female?

I can totally understand people living in their Fetish / Fantasy world, nothing wrong with that, we all start that way and some stay “stuck”  there. It’s offcourse not really stuck, some wish to only dream about it because they have so many details in their fantasies that even in some controlled fetish/salon/surrounding things won’t match up with what they think or feel.

I made my fetish into fact because , males tend to loose hair a bit quicker… and if I had waited untill then, then there was nothing to perm.

I hope that some readers here will live out their fetish teh way they like in 2011 and further, just don’t fool any people any more. If you are a real female then show yourself on webcam, or ommit being male,  being a faker is sooo 2010.. so get over it.

In 2011  I will continue with monthly theme’s :    It mostly will be a suprise what it will be ( even for me) except Januaru 2010 =  Shoot that question !   Send me questions by email, or by comment here and I will aswer them, or maybe you all have ideas for theme’s ?

My ideas to start several platform to meet people with a (hair)fetish is still there, but I am also still witing for help. So who will help me? Who knows how to set up forum, or chat? or other things. Who has a good idea how such platforms could benifit us all?

In 2011 we all should be fair to each other, I do it and see… it brought me a very nice person that I really like ( love ) very much, just sad we live sofar from each other but boy… ahwell.


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  1. I still love you baby!

    Comment by Paulina | 22 January 2014 | Reply

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