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Shoot that question: part II

This week some questions where asked.

“Does somebody has ever asked you something about your perm? something like “men doesn’t usually ask for perms” or “do you really have a perm?” Just curious. ”

– well a few woman commented me on my curls , that they liked it. And one person here once asked ” You had a new perm done?” … and then I answered with “yes”

– In “my” salon one of the stylists once asked ( it was was 3rd visit there… one month orso after my first perm there).. “are those curls natural?” … I said “no”… I believe she really liked my curls, in fact she had cut / permed me a few times after that first time.

– “men don’t ussally have perms” … in fact almost nobody get perms done anymore, to me that doesn’t matter that much. I like it, I like to see perms done, to get them done and the curls I get from them… so I keep on perming untill…  untill? only time will tell that one.

This whole month ( still 2 parts to go) I will answer all questions from my readers, just comment here or send me an Email:

I also am looking for ideas to write about in the rest of 2011, maybe you all have ideas?

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