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Shoot that question: part III

It’s still Shoot that question  this month…  next week last part in this? or?

Question: “How did the hairdresser react, when you asked for a perm for the first time?”

Well since I was way too “scared” to ask for a perm in the Salon, so I called in advance. That salon was openend some 3-4 months before I went there and they had leaflets put out  with their prices on it .. “everything for € 11 “.. yes I am cheap person 😉

So I called on my phone and asked then if I read it ok,  that “everything for 11 euros” … “yes”  she replied  “what are you referring to?”  me “A perm” … she “A perm? for a man?” … a bit of silence from us both.

The rest is here.

Today I walked by “my”  salon and a few others, no perms being done… 😦   not far from my Salon a new salon opended with also very low prices for cuts… Woman € 12, Men € 9  en children € 8    also they offer everything else too but then they get pricey.

So, I will stay with the place I like since 2007.

So people, ask me anything… last week last change, any ideas perhaps  for next month theme? or… just email me or comment here, thanks. And thanks for reading / watching it.


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