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Perms around the World … Part III

This week a new perm type.

The “Beach Wave”  from Pravana.

I found the above photo on the internet with that name / information, so naturally curious as I am I looked for more information.

So this perm uses not permrods made from hard plastic but these soft / “cubes”, the idea was to creat a wave in longer hair that looks like you just left the ocean swimming.

An other client all ready for the permingsolution.

The basic concept of the Beach Wave perm is the same a normal perm, the solution however is also a bit different but does to the hair a similiar proces as regular perminglotion… thus ” breaking ”  the hair  and with neutralizer combining it back again, but offcourse then in it’s new shape,  thus making curls / waves.

As you can see the hair doesn’t curl as much as it would with a perm on permrods, for a lot of woman the fact that a perm looks like well a perm… keeps them from getting perms.

This Beach Wave perm  gives nice waves, so 2011 will be the year all woman go from straight to curls? or maye waves? Who knows 😉

Look on these videos how the proces goes / works.

Perhaps one of you knows of even an other type of perm being done? Let me know:


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  1. Well, I didn’t know that, it looks so natural, but I prefer the traditional perm. Besides loving the perming process I also love the curls it produces.

    I hope I can get my third perm this year, It’s been a long time since my last one (February 2009).

    Well, greetings from Mexiko! Thanks for sharing the photos and info.

    Comment by Maurize | 22 March 2011 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    I also more prefer a “normal” perm, seeing those rows of neatly wound permrods… what a joy.

    But I also know most woman don’t like the result of most perms just because they look so “perm-like”, this Beach Wave Perm and also the Digital perm are from the result much more pleasing to a bigger crowd.

    Why did you stop perming 2 years back? Perhaps one day I will stop too, butfor now… my hair is long / healthy I just love to get perms and also I love the curls on me.

    Comment by jwagemakers | 22 March 2011 | Reply

    • Well, I haven’t got any more perms because I haven’t been so brave as you. For me it’s not so easy yet. I know I will be able of doing it again, I really want to perm my hair again!!!

      My two perms were on long/very long hair, now my hair is short (I had to cut it because of the damage result of color, perm and even straightening). I would love to perm my hair now that is short, very tight curls 😀

      Well, that’s my story hehehe.

      Comment by Maurize | 24 March 2011 | Reply

      • Just do wht you like. Offcourse I am guesssing abit, but it sounds to me like that you like being permed as I do.. and well you did it, even more then once. That was my goal in 2006 too… not to die before trying.. and well , I have had some more perms done since then…

        Comment by jwagemakers | 15 April 2011

  3. Thanks for posting. I had never heard of this type of perm before and really like the results. I am like you though, I love seeing all the perm rods tightly wound on a head instead of this foam.

    Comment by Melissa | 22 March 2011 | Reply

    • But hopefully tis kind of perms will get more woman to perm again, or even men. ahwell we all should do what we like.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 15 April 2011 | Reply

  4. Hi

    I miss your posts how is your hair? I love your perms


    Comment by Paul | 7 June 2011 | Reply

    • Well yes I stopped blogging? why? Well firstly because I had no Internet for some 2 weeks. During that time I tought about my blog, and tought about why people visit there but not even ask me questions or post comments or give me ideas what to do next. Since last year I asked for help on several occasions and received none, I don’t blog so that people ( 99% of which are males) can jerk off looking at ( and storing ) the photos here.

      I blogged not only for myself, I blogged to give people the idea that they are not alone, that having a hair/salon/haircape-related fetish doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. I had no real goal with my blog, but I did hoped that more people would really open up etc, since that didn’t happen and still way to many men try to fool us into believing that they are females I slowly lost interest in putting in so much effort in my blog that is being watched very well ( even in the last 2 months with 0 new posts ! ) , but there was/is nothing to gain anymore.. it feels to me like a one-way-street where I do all the “work”.

      So come people, do something, be real , stop playing mindgames… go for it, live your dream / fetish… I did it too.

      One can regret 2 things… a) regret making the “mistake” of following your fetish ( perms for me ) but it didn’t work out the way you tought or b) regret having waited way too long, thrown away lots of good years, and not being able to follow your fetish any more… So what will it be for you? Or did you allready choose?

      Comment by jwagemakers | 8 June 2011 | Reply

  5. Its obviously that you have skills for making perms. I’m also hairdresser in my country, but i don’t have time to make some pictures, and share it with others.

    Comment by Bananko | 20 March 2012 | Reply

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