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Perms are amazing, or? … Part I

You all know I just totally love the whole proce of a perm. Not only seeing it done , but getting perms done myself too.

In the 1980’s perms where done perhaps a bit too much, and often with homepermkits. Then the “perm” got a “bad” name, it would ruin your hair and look horrible. Most of that is mostly true when a perm is not done properly, so many things can go wrong with a perm.

So if you want to go for curls for a longer time, only let a well trained expert do your perm.

So this month no photos os perm being done.. but.

Woman with and without a perm.

Maybe you want to see my curls in real-time? That goes over yahoo-messenger + webcam only, please note that seeing me means seeing you on webcam first. Do not add me in yahoo-messenger with an empty profile.

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  1. The better pic is the one with the perm. But that is a kind of typical ‘before & after’ pictures.
    On the one with the perm, the lady wears make-up, the picture clipping has changed and so does the light. But i like the second pic, the hair is not too curly. ;n)

    Comment by Martina Raschelkittel | 7 August 2012 | Reply

    • The 2nd pic has a much better exposure too, even tho both seem to be done by herself.

      But yes, with makeover photos a lot of the time they use someone looking sad on photo 1 and happy on photo 2.

      But here it’s all about just the curls / waves.

      Comment by jwagemakers | 8 August 2012 | Reply

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