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Perms are amazing, or? … Part IV

New Friday new posting.

We are still comparing perm vs. no-perm

So this week an other woman that has changed her hairdo with a perm. , it seems that perms seem to be “hot” in certain parts of the former Sovjet Union… why not in Europe too ? 😦

And now it’s up to you all, give me some input in the form of comments,please.

What shall I do next? What is it that attracts you to this blog, or what not?

Do you come here often? Please tell me and/or the other readers here

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  1. Jeroen, many thanks for posting regularly. She is definitely a beauty and looks much better with the perm. The curly look is much more feminine and romantic. It has much more expression about personality, energy, passion etc. … ok i’m getting pathetic now 😉

    As a true male perm fan (i wouldn’t call it fetish) I’m a regular reader of your blog. However, my real interest is to discuss the link between perm and submission. Is it true that for many young women their first perm is a symbol of adultship? And at the same time they are waiting to submit themselfes to a dominant man? Perm as a symbol for submission? Would be happy to disuss.

    Comment by Perm Fan | 30 August 2012 | Reply

  2. I know for me a man and perm fan,the time the solution is applied is the most exciting.being caped and the stylist in complete control is what its all about, for me.Knowing she is about change the way you look if your hair has never been permed and she has no problem doing it and will go as extreme as you ask,too the point of using rods so small ,no one ever uses anymore.When I ask for a perm,I always ask to see the rod choice and the trolly comes out she will take out pink and I ask for yellow.I ask how would this look and she says great then gives a big smile.I have only had this perm a couple of times in a lifetime.Now I have started getting rollersets, its much cheaper and not forever.Rollersets can be very enjoyable, I go to a small old fashion shop its always quite and after the rollers come out the sky is the limit on teasing and comb outs. I am always asking for more teasing more spray untill the style is over the top.After I get my fix its shampooed out then wait for next time.

    Comment by kris | 9 September 2012 | Reply

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