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All W’s Part III

Why am I so attracted by these things?

It is said that during childhood / puberty when you first start to develop sexual feelings a fetish can form. I think that must have happenend with me too.
I know that I started to looking for woman in permrods, or curlers or under a dryer in teen-years. I tried to imagine how it would feel, infact I wanted to feel it on my own hair too ! But curls on me? How / what? etc… I was so afraid how people would react to that. These fears kept me from making the “big” leap to a real perm, but I finnaly did it, and boy was it fun, right now I must be addicted orso.

So I can’t answer why I feel this way, but I really enjoy this and hope many of you all will also be able to enjoy it.


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  1. mine was when I saw a guy in perm rods, I was hooked right then. Ever since then I am sexually aroused by perms. The smell is a big turn on for me too! I love curls on guys!

    Comment by Paulie | 28 October 2012 | Reply

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