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What do you prefer? Part I

A modern salon? or …

In the “old” days there was a big difference between place where woman got theirhair done or where men did.

I can remember such things from the  late 70’s and early 80’s  ,  and I liked those salons for woman with the atmosphere they got.

I would like to hear back from my many readers  all over the world, thanks in advance.

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  1. For me, I do like the old fashion salons. Older salons give off more character and also feels more personal than something that looks modern.

    I did get a perm back in June, gave me great curls and might go for another one in a few weeks to last it out in 3 months.

    Comment by political_incorrectness | 7 September 2013 | Reply

    • That’s nice. How did people react to your perm?

      Comment by jwagemakers | 7 September 2013 | Reply

      • No one could even tell I had gotten one at all since I went with grey and pink rods. Of course at first it appeared quite tighter than I liked which I expected to happen, once it was no longer wet looking, the curls were fabulous for 2-3 weeks.

        Now that I’ve grown my hair out quite a bit, people are noticing.

        Comment by political_incorrectness | 9 September 2013

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