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What do you prefer? Part IV

I got some very nice photos over a good friend of mine, Doccape from Denmark


Yes, we have seen the same woman before on this blog.

She decided to get her perm redone, nice yes?

[edit] on Saterday 28th September

Offcoarse a poll will come here too, why so late?  Well I decided to add  a Category on this blog, now  all polls from the past can be found under “poll” , just look and search.

For the next both polls you have to do some searching too.

First  search for the blogitem containing this woman first perm.

And for the next one you have to search in the blogroll for the source of these photos.

I hope many will vote here, or on polls of the past. To me this blog a connection to you all, to what my reader think/feel or like/want etc.

Maybe some of you want to chat with me one day?  Doccape did and many more, be fair to each other that brings much more pleasure and fun then.. ahwell.. many know what I mean.


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  1. I love your blog each week but like to keep it secret of course. You are a good German.

    Comment by Bob Lyons, UK. | 27 September 2013 | Reply

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