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Questions and answers. Part III


I am glad to have read something from some of you, thanks.

“If you were to have a dream experience in the salon, how would the story go? Would you be dressed in something special? Many colorful capes and caps?”

That is a bit hard to answer. I really liked those old style salon for ladies, those had a certain “feeling” to them. The colors used in the salon, the chairs,  the capes with nice patterns etc

I used to dream about getting a perm done, sitting in a chair with a nice cape (or even 2, such a transparant on top) being wound in permrods etc…  and yes such dreams aroused me like crazy.  As you can read on this blog, I went from fantasy to reality and in reality you have to take things as they come.

From a dream I still like those spiralwinds, with lots and lots of rods,  and maybe a wetset too. Or piggy-back-wind  or maybe a  air-neutralized perm ( then you are in permrods for 24 hours or more), oh boy so many possibilities.

I hope that all of you can follow your dream as I did.

“Hi this is Fred Johnson so how long didn’t you have to sit with your perm cap over your perm for to and did you have to also sit under the hair dryers to yes or no”

I think almost all of my perms had a processing time of 20 ( maybe 25 ) minutes. Four perms where done using a black permcap and a towel over the cap, the rest using no cap and a overhead  climasun-heater-unit.  A perm(neck)tray was used in two perms.

Classic hoodhairdryers are not very common in salons anymore, the climasununits can be used more ways: processing with perms or color, drying the hair faster  or for wetsets. I also think they are a bit more comfortable because with a classic hooddryer one is enclosed in a smaller space, less room to move around.

Please keep sending me more questions to ask.

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  1. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of getting your hair permed?

    Comment by Rperm | 26 February 2014 | Reply

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