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Questions and answers. Part IV


The end of a month again, what will happen next?

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of getting your hair permed?

I like everything, the whole proces is such a lot fun and afterward having some nice curls. Maybe you should go and get a perm yourself one day too.

Maybe some have noticed that I wrote a new “about” , in the previous version I was looking for help to set up a forum/ board / chatroom etc,  since after a few years I still haven’t found someone to help me with that I decided  to leave it at that. I think a good forum and chatroom is still needed about fetish-feelings concerning hair etc  but for me this blog and my yahoo-ID will do just fine for now.

I hope later this year to have some nice real meets with other hairfetish-fans and who knows what will happen here.

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Over the last postings you might have noticed these photos, what is that all about?  Well I started collecting photos that contain at least one person in a salonapron to put on a board. I kept those photos online over a service and that service seem to have deleted a few ones, so I now I use this blog to store these photos again and show them in each weekly posting.

I you want to have contact with me please use email or yahoo-messenger, thanks.

Till the next posting?


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