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Permfun, Part 2


Yet an other person going for a curly look.

Each time I see a head full of permingrods I have a nice feeling. For many years I have tought about of how that would feel on me, being wound on many permrods sitting caped in a salon where mostly woman get their hair done. My very first expierence of being permed I still remember very well, even tho it’s was close to 11 years ago.

My current perm was done 2 months back, and I still love these curls on me. Also the whole time in the salon I really liked.

From time to time I play with my hairsalongoodies ( even a true ladiessalonchair !) and show it over Webcam sing Skype, perhaps some of you like to webcamchat with me? Please send me an Email on and we can then webcamchat.

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Hello World, part V


An other year almost gone by.

I can’t complain about 2016, many nice things I have done. Several salonvisits ( yes I still have a nice curly perm !) and got some more hairsalonstuff to play with ( and I bet more is coming)

I have let my hair grow over the past 2 years, and I totally love this length. In the back 25 cm or more. The longer hair means less perming otherwise each strand of hair gets permed way too much with the result that the hair will become very briddle and dry etc.  Because of the length I can do much with all my types of permrods / rollers etc.. and that is so much fun.

On the last day of 2006 I started blogging ( so tomorrow 10 years !), the amount of readers on this blog and the fact they come from so many different parts of the world gives me the motivation to continue this.

The last years I put up a small worldgraph of where my readers come from, too bad that all-time graph is gone from the wordpress-stats but I can count these from the last years by hand.. so on the 1st of January 2017 they will be a small update here.

What will 2017 bring? Many new things for hairplay perhaps? Some visits to the salon and maybe some meets with other people that I have found over the internet or they me. Yes, I also meet people. It’s a lot of fun to be able to really meet others with somekind of hair(salon) related fetish. I have done so in the past and will do more in the future. How does that work?  Well after some Email orso I will continue over Skype , on Skype however I will want to see you over webcam ( I only meet people after seeing them on webcam), luckely webcams are very easy to work with and cost almost nothing (most portable computers have one build in as part of the standard package). If you want to skype with me please send me an Email first, and be prepared to show yourself over webcam ( sorry no webcam = no Skype with me)

So what will 2017 bring to you?  It’s always nice to read back from my many readers worldwide.

I wish you all a very good New Year !

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Hello World, part IV


A digital perm in the making, over the last many years it seems a trend in Asia. Even Asian-salons in Europe are offering these perms. I think it’s a nice addition to perms as we know them. As you can see on the photo not the whole length of the hair is on the rod, only the ends. This proces only makes a nice wave in bottompart of the hair thus making the perm look less artificial and more natural.

After the hair is being put on those rods and a chemical put on the hair, then the clambs with the wires are being put on top of the rods. These clambs are computer controlled heating elements, it is said to be better for the hair because of these presize monitored heating elements.

Anyone that ever had a perm knows that when permed hair gets wet it gets a more tight curls then dry hair, with a digital perm that’s exactly the other way around. A digitalperm looks the most curly when the hair is dry and sometims the curls are fully gone when the hair is very wet.

Does this man we will see more perms being done in years to come?  Time will telll. too bad people still think of those bad hairdo’s of the 80s when the word “perm” is mentioned and many still tell how bad it is for your hair etc. Strangly no-one ever tells you how bad it is to dye your hair a lot ( and some do that a lot ! , like every 3 to 4 weeks or more often), and hairfashion the last 10 years was/is all about colors and having straight hair. Some got their hair pulled straight with chemicals, and that is much much worse for your hair then getting permanent curls or waves.

My hair is still permed in curls, for over 10 years now. I like my hair this way a lot, I even got it to grow a lot, it’s easy to maintain and I love how it looks and I have gotten many compliments about it, even from hairdressers.

A few things have changed in 2016, the messenger from yahoo has become a useless thing where it is impossible to see who is online or not, so I stopped using it ( forever). I switched to Skype and only chat now with people that show up over webcam, if yo want to webcamchat with me then please send me a email to and we can exchange Skypeinformation.

Last week I showed you all that I own a salonchair. I love my chair and I am sitting in it right now. I have many more things that are hairsalon related and now I wonder if any of you have certain things at home. I hope you all have nice christms time and maybe some of you get a perm soon.


These are my thickest permrods, it took me some time to find them.  with a diameter of 19mm these gave more of a wave then a curl, there are even thicker permrods to buy or other permingtools. I will show you more in due time.

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Hello World, part III


2016 is coming to an end, so is current hairfashion? Are we going to see more scenes in the salon then the above?

I was in the salon for a perm 2 times this year, my hair is stil good and strong but so long now that too much perms could ruin it. I like my hair this way, I can do lots of play here at home, for that I bought a lot of new things. As I am typing this I am sitting caped under an orange cape, with an orange towel on top and a white one under the cape. I my hair are 36 orange rollers ( 22 mm diameter) I used setting lotion and spends some time under a dryerhood. I did this because I wanted to show someone it over webcam per Skype, but that person didn’t showed up. Is that how we treat our fellowfetishjist?

Since Yahoomessenger got totally screwed up I don’t use that anymore, I switched to Skype. I also want the other to show up over webcam, I don’t chat when it is not possible to do some two-way webcam.

This is one of my new “toys”


A real salonchair, brand Welonda, model Violetta  in softpink. As you can see it has a pump, it rolls on wheels and the rolling can be stoped with a brake, the lever for the pump can block the rotation of the chair. The back can lean back, when used for a washing in a standing washingplace.

I am now sitting in this chair and I love it so much, it really adds to the realism of my homehairsalonplays.

My chair will get a lot of ussage and so do many other things I have.

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Www… Part I


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Over the last year… part I

I was at the salon for 5 times, 4 times for a perm.. once just a trim

I still love the whole thing with perm very much and hope this look will suit me for many years to come.

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All W’s Part I

W’s ?
Yes, words that start with a W.  This week= When.

When was my last perm being done? It was in August 2012, I was however at my salon earlier this week, this time “just” for a trim.

When did I got my first perm done? In March 2006, when will I stop getting perms? Only time can tell.

When did I first got intrested in this kind of things? I recently noticed that it must have been at/before the age of 12.Since I was 34 with my very first perm it took me a lot of time to gor for it.

If people want to know more “when’s” , then please comment a question. I am also availeble on yahoo-messenger.

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Perms are amazing, or? … Part II

New week new post.

Today I got myself a new perm, my 25th perm since I started getting perms in 2006.
It was again very nice to be wound in permrods etc, so all that like perms the way I do , go for ir !

So this week an other woman that has changed her hairdo with a perm. , it seems that perms seem to be “hot” in certain parts of the former Sovjet Union… why not in Europe too ? 😦

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Shoot that question: part III

It’s still Shoot that question  this month…  next week last part in this? or?

Question: “How did the hairdresser react, when you asked for a perm for the first time?”

Well since I was way too “scared” to ask for a perm in the Salon, so I called in advance. That salon was openend some 3-4 months before I went there and they had leaflets put out  with their prices on it .. “everything for € 11 “.. yes I am cheap person 😉

So I called on my phone and asked then if I read it ok,  that “everything for 11 euros” … “yes”  she replied  “what are you referring to?”  me “A perm” … she “A perm? for a man?” … a bit of silence from us both.

The rest is here.

Today I walked by “my”  salon and a few others, no perms being done… 😦   not far from my Salon a new salon opended with also very low prices for cuts… Woman € 12, Men € 9  en children € 8    also they offer everything else too but then they get pricey.

So, I will stay with the place I like since 2007.

So people, ask me anything… last week last change, any ideas perhaps  for next month theme? or… just email me or comment here, thanks. And thanks for reading / watching it.

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All F’s … part V

Four years ago I started blogging, untill mid on 2009 on 360 from Yahoo and since that was closed down, I changed to WordPress.  On yahoo 360 I had some 40.000 hits in 3,5 years,  here on WordPress it goes much much better, many thanks to all my readers… in the last 3 months  over 8.000 hits per month, wow ! For 2010 it’s over 66.000 hits, that’s  right > 5.500 on average per month.

Why did I start blogging? Well, lots of reasons. Firstly I allready knew then that more people have somekind of fetish concerning hair / salons etc, I wanted them to know that they are not alone and that living out a Fetish can be a lot of fun.

So what did I do? Well  On Friday 12th November 2010 I visited my favourite Salon, the “Cut And Go”

It was time to re-perm, since my perm before that one was done in July.

This time I had to wait some time, and after some time it was my turn. Today the same stylist was helping that cut my hair twice before, the last time was in May 2010. Now she asked me the same question going to the chair as in May “A perm today?” , this time the answer was “yes, indeed”

My chair that day was the one in the front at the right side in the photo.

This perm was done on blue and blue/gray permrods. The blue/gray are a bit thicker then blue. During the windup I noticed that a woman was watching it all, my chair was on the corner and around the corner an other stylingchair, the customer there was watching me.

This stylist, Tanja, did the winding very good, and used those permrod-sticks during the wind… those are there to avoid hair being too tight under the rubber bands, but to me the feel of the rods is better then. After the wind she used a cottonstrip , yes. Also I got an extra towel on my shoulders, under de climasun for the “bake” .  I also liked it that when she did me she was wearing an apron, she put it away to cut other people’s hair during my processing but each time with me she had her apron on.

After the neutralizing in the washingbowl and some conditioning she gave me a headmassage, cool yes? A Salon with suburb prices and what a service and quality.

Needless to say it was one of my best permingexpierences sofar, not only the time in the salon was super, but I was in love with this perm from day 1,  normally I find a perm too tight for 1 week / 2 weeks … but this one was/is suberb.

So those are more facts from me.

What about you all?  Facts? Fiction? Fantasy? What is it going to be? Or will you continue to annoy people by pretending to be female?

I can totally understand people living in their Fetish / Fantasy world, nothing wrong with that, we all start that way and some stay “stuck”  there. It’s offcourse not really stuck, some wish to only dream about it because they have so many details in their fantasies that even in some controlled fetish/salon/surrounding things won’t match up with what they think or feel.

I made my fetish into fact because , males tend to loose hair a bit quicker… and if I had waited untill then, then there was nothing to perm.

I hope that some readers here will live out their fetish teh way they like in 2011 and further, just don’t fool any people any more. If you are a real female then show yourself on webcam, or ommit being male,  being a faker is sooo 2010.. so get over it.

In 2011  I will continue with monthly theme’s :    It mostly will be a suprise what it will be ( even for me) except Januaru 2010 =  Shoot that question !   Send me questions by email, or by comment here and I will aswer them, or maybe you all have ideas for theme’s ?

My ideas to start several platform to meet people with a (hair)fetish is still there, but I am also still witing for help. So who will help me? Who knows how to set up forum, or chat? or other things. Who has a good idea how such platforms could benifit us all?

In 2011 we all should be fair to each other, I do it and see… it brought me a very nice person that I really like ( love ) very much, just sad we live sofar from each other but boy… ahwell.

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