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Nice “toys” , part IV

This is not the last part in this series , since most likely I will keep on buying more “toys”. In fact I bought a “toy”  just one week ago.

Here it is.. a salongrade dryerhood. My first choice of dryerhood. I love the round form of it , it makes it look extra feminin. I stand on a rolling base same as my salonchair and the height can easily be changed. The timer on top works the same as a eggtimer.

It feels really nice sitting under it, the nice warm air, it feels like you are kinda alone, because of the sound you can’t hear around oneself. The warm air really surrounds you because of the double layered hood. From the inside out the warm air flows from many holes.

I think my dryerhood from Welonda, model Wella must be 30 years old.. perhaps more, and is still in full working order.

Who likes my dryer? Maybe you have a dryerhood at home or maybe wish to buy one. Perhaps you want to share about your feelings that are hairsalonrelated?

It can be very nice to be able to talk with someone with similiar feelings, you are not alone. I also tought I was alone and found many people that share this fetish with hair and hairsalons. Who knows if we might see each other soon, or not?


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Hairdreams? part I


534A long time dream of mine was to get a real perm done.

To sit in a salon under a cape head full of rods soaked in smelly stuff perhaps baking under a dryer and lots of people seeing me like that.

I made my dream come true.

Lots of people seem to have similiar dreams, and I hope each and every one of them ( that’s you ! )  will fullfill their hairdream one day.

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Salon / permplay



This photo is from a few days back.

I decided to play again, since for me having permrods in my hair sitting under a haircape gives me a hard one ( you know 😉 ) , and thus I sometimes put rods in my hair use some permcaps and spend some time under a very hot dryer.

This time I use 57 permrods in 3 different size / colors, and a few permrodholders… after the cotton 2 plastic permbags and my pink one.

This was all done starting 22:00 ( Central European Time) on this Monday, I broadcasted it using webcam over yahoo-messenger. Perhaps a few more “shows” will follow, anybody wanna look?

To be able to look you need a few things:  a 100% fully installed Yahoo-messenger ( webbased has no Webcam support) an account at yahoo, a webcam ( wel yes… seeing me = seeing you , I think that’s fair you don’t have to be under a cape orso but it would be nice ) . BTW  my name on yahoo is on this BLOG you have to look for it. 😉

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Permplay VI

Some time ago I played again with my perminggoodies.

This time I put 55 permrods in my hair, in 2 colors/sizes.

I spend some time under my hairdryer aswell, and I let some other hair/permfetish people watch me on webcam.

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Home “perm”-fun

Today I decided to play again with my capes / permrods.

I put 43 blue rods in my hair and 4 red ones, in the neckarea.

Everything was very tightly woud, and then I made it wet in the shower, put on the cotton and two plastic capes and let it all warm under a dryer.

I spend 30 minutes under this dryer and during the time I played with my dick which was very hard.

Since I has been 2 months since my last real perm I can’t wit for the next perm 🙂

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Today I played again, several capas, 60 or more permrods my hair, cotton roud it, plastic bag over it, and let it steam under the dryer.

It’s been 50 minutes since I put the dryer over my head, it feels sooo good.

Perhaps I will use this week to play a lot more, Friday the perm will follow and then it’s not a good idea to do this kind of thing for some time,

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