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Nice “toys” , part IV

This is not the last part in this series , since most likely I will keep on buying more “toys”. In fact I bought a “toy”  just one week ago.

Here it is.. a salongrade dryerhood. My first choice of dryerhood. I love the round form of it , it makes it look extra feminin. I stand on a rolling base same as my salonchair and the height can easily be changed. The timer on top works the same as a eggtimer.

It feels really nice sitting under it, the nice warm air, it feels like you are kinda alone, because of the sound you can’t hear around oneself. The warm air really surrounds you because of the double layered hood. From the inside out the warm air flows from many holes.

I think my dryerhood from Welonda, model Wella must be 30 years old.. perhaps more, and is still in full working order.

Who likes my dryer? Maybe you have a dryerhood at home or maybe wish to buy one. Perhaps you want to share about your feelings that are hairsalonrelated?

It can be very nice to be able to talk with someone with similiar feelings, you are not alone. I also tought I was alone and found many people that share this fetish with hair and hairsalons. Who knows if we might see each other soon, or not?


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6 years ago today

My very first perm was done, and since then I have been curly ever since.


Over the last 6 years it was me lying in the sink that way for over 20 times, in fact in 2012 my 25th perm will be done.

Last year I decided to stop blogging because I had no internet for some 2 weeks and I lost ideas to keep on posting, also I was hoping for moe help from the many readers here.

It’s  clear to me that having a sexual fetish that is related to things in a salon or something to do with hair is not that uncommon, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a place for “us” in the internet?  A Board a chatroom etc?  There used to be very active groups on yahoo  but most ended up will all kind of spam.

Let’s see what and who I can reach with this blog.

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