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A new year.. Part I

Has went by… will begin.

It was 11 years ago now that I started this blog. My very first entry , back then it was on the yahoo 360-pages. A few years later those got closed down and it was possible to migrate to wordpress. Since I am on WordPress this blog really has grown.

My hair has also grown, I love this length even tho it is not recommended to perm it too often.

Who of you is following this blog for how long?


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Hello World, part II


Last week I started a new theme, this theme is about all of you, all my readers worldwide.. all you people that came on this blog because of our  similiaraties. I want to know as much of you all as possibe, that’s why I put up a poll ( thanks to all that allready voted), if I know what you like then I can use that as an input for this blog.

What is it that has your interest in the hairfetishworld? You like to talk about your (home)salon expierences, in every detail? You like watching inside hairsalons when you are out of town? You just love being the one that get all the attension?

It is so nice to sit back in a salonchair and having to get your hair done, from the washing place to the endresult everything is so nice. Some things can take several hours, with a perm for instance. 1,5 hours is allready a “fast”  perm, students that learn to become to be a hairdresser have to be able to do a full permwind in 45 minutes or less, sometimes they allready have the hair divided into several sections. Take that 45 minutes, add some 15-20 minutes for the chemicals to work and some time with the washing then you see what I mean.

So now I wonder what your fetish relating to hair is? What is your interest? What do yo like to see? or what would you like to undergo one day? What…?

15 years I have been on the Internet now with my feelings, and have a blog for more then 10 years. It brought me many new things to know, many nice to people to email with or chat with or webcam with even some to really meet with.  One of the best things still was to be able to have met Kat Surth, what she does for our  fetishworld is simply amazing.

Hope to read many comments fro you all, greetings.

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Choose your path. Part I


Thumbs up !

She choose to go the curly way! Why? It’s all guessing offcoarse but why do we want to change our looks anyway?

Or why do we feel special when seeing this , or feeling it done?

I have noticed over the past years that many more people seem to like getting perms as much as I do. Some choose my path and go for a real perm, others decide to go on other paths. There is no right or wrong here, these feelings are inside of you and you choose what to do with them, or not.

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Questions and answers. Part IV


The end of a month again, what will happen next?

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of getting your hair permed?

I like everything, the whole proces is such a lot fun and afterward having some nice curls. Maybe you should go and get a perm yourself one day too.

Maybe some have noticed that I wrote a new “about” , in the previous version I was looking for help to set up a forum/ board / chatroom etc,  since after a few years I still haven’t found someone to help me with that I decided  to leave it at that. I think a good forum and chatroom is still needed about fetish-feelings concerning hair etc  but for me this blog and my yahoo-ID will do just fine for now.

I hope later this year to have some nice real meets with other hairfetish-fans and who knows what will happen here.

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Over the last postings you might have noticed these photos, what is that all about?  Well I started collecting photos that contain at least one person in a salonapron to put on a board. I kept those photos online over a service and that service seem to have deleted a few ones, so I now I use this blog to store these photos again and show them in each weekly posting.

I you want to have contact with me please use email or yahoo-messenger, thanks.

Till the next posting?

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Back to the roots. Part III


Permingtools are so much fun to see in aktion.




Or not?

Maybe one of you want to chat or email with me? Just look at my “about”-page.

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Back to the roots. Part I

A perm is a wonderfull way of chanching how you look, and after some time with a perm then the “roots”  show off your not so curly hair, so her we go again.. and again..




And isn’t that a lot of fun too?

How about you all?  Pleas leave a few comments here or meet me on yahoo-messenger.

Btw this the 200th  posting I did while blogging since end of 2006.

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Perms back in fashion? Part IV

So what do we all think?


Please vote.

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Perms back in fashion? Part III

2013 is the year of a real revival of the perm?

To me looking at a head in permrods is just amazing, but looking at curls aswell.



What do you all think?

The year of more perms? more curls, more waves? or… ?

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Getting opinions, part IV

Last week I mentioned about ending 2012  with a “bang” .. well A “bang”  is something hairrelated but I meant it more as.. ahwell.

Over the last years I have been very active on the internet playing it fair about who I am  and what I feel. I don’t like it that way too many men still play their mindgames in claiming that they are females etc, No I am who I am. This way I don’t have to loose time and effort in things that will lead to nothing.

My philosophy is shared by others too, and because of that I found some very nice friends over the years ( look at the blogroll ) , and offcoarse also many real other friends that I chat with over the yahoo-messenger.

Earlier this month I got some very nice material from someone and will share it here.

437-001 (1)

What we see here is a nice woman ready to get a nice hairwashing.


She was rolled in nice permrods. Green and blue rods and sticks under de rubbers of the permrods.


A nice side view.


Then the stinky chemicals came into play, well protected with a heavy-duty cape, some cottonwool and the necktray. With a plastic bag over her rods she still looks sweet.. ( the smile helps even extra )


Getting a perm done is a long proces.

A good trained stylist can wind a perm in 20-25 minutes, but the chemicals need their time, also the rinsing need to be done well and good.

To me the whole time in permrods is just an amazing feeling, I believe she shares a bit of my passion ( or I hope she does 😉 ) , she is most likely thinking   “How will the curls turn out?”

501-001 (1)

Well.. that was that… Sweet curls.

Who of you all will follow her in this trend in 2013?

This was/is/will be the last posting of 2012 here, this will be edited perhaps a few times on the upcoming days, so stay tuned and check it out!

I hope more of my many reader stay fair as I do and maybe have the same luck as my friend Doccape from Denmark ( he did this perm at his home , please look at blogroll ), playing it fair and open will bring you much much more then keep trying to fool people into thinking that you are what you are not.

Many many many thank go to Doccape and the woman for giving me these photos to share here.

As you all can see a perm does make for a nice change, and can fit more people of all ages.

Happy perming in 2013 to you all.

Addition 1-1-2013:

On 31th December 2006  I started blogging on the yahoo-360 pages, because that was closed down I went to wordpress.I started this blog (will continue that way), to share with the world what I feel and many other people feel too. If you look on the internet you will have found out allready that there are more places with people chatting about a sexual fetish that is related to hair in anyway, may it be washing it, cutting it or curling it or.. etc.  I am glad that there is the internet because during my childhood I started developing my feelings towards perms but tought I was “strange” , that I was “alone” , that etc.  But with this global medium we can find others to relate to and perhaps maybe… who knows.

What I am doing on this blog seems to be very intresting to many people and I thnk you all for reading my blog, I hope for all of you that have feelings in this fetishrange that in 2013 you too will be able to enjoy it to the max.


From  116 Countries  people came to my blog since February 2012, thank you all.

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What does one need? Part IV


The sticks that connect several permrods. What do these do?

Well they lift the tension ( that the rubberband gives ) off the hair, preventing that hair could break under the tension and the chemicals used with perming hair.

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