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Hello World, part V


An other year almost gone by.

I can’t complain about 2016, many nice things I have done. Several salonvisits ( yes I still have a nice curly perm !) and got some more hairsalonstuff to play with ( and I bet more is coming)

I have let my hair grow over the past 2 years, and I totally love this length. In the back 25 cm or more. The longer hair means less perming otherwise each strand of hair gets permed way too much with the result that the hair will become very briddle and dry etc.  Because of the length I can do much with all my types of permrods / rollers etc.. and that is so much fun.

On the last day of 2006 I started blogging ( so tomorrow 10 years !), the amount of readers on this blog and the fact they come from so many different parts of the world gives me the motivation to continue this.

The last years I put up a small worldgraph of where my readers come from, too bad that all-time graph is gone from the wordpress-stats but I can count these from the last years by hand.. so on the 1st of January 2017 they will be a small update here.

What will 2017 bring? Many new things for hairplay perhaps? Some visits to the salon and maybe some meets with other people that I have found over the internet or they me. Yes, I also meet people. It’s a lot of fun to be able to really meet others with somekind of hair(salon) related fetish. I have done so in the past and will do more in the future. How does that work?  Well after some Email orso I will continue over Skype , on Skype however I will want to see you over webcam ( I only meet people after seeing them on webcam), luckely webcams are very easy to work with and cost almost nothing (most portable computers have one build in as part of the standard package). If you want to skype with me please send me an Email first, and be prepared to show yourself over webcam ( sorry no webcam = no Skype with me)

So what will 2017 bring to you?  It’s always nice to read back from my many readers worldwide.

I wish you all a very good New Year !


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In permrods, part LX


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In permrods, part XXIV


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Www… Part IV


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Www… Part III


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Permsets. Part I

Last month it was about results.
But how do you / we / me  look in a salon getting a perm done?

This week, benderrods.  And some very thick ones too. These give a much less tight curl and thus the result looks more like a wave.

It seems that perms that give more texture / shape instead of curls might have a change of getting back in fashion, even this fall !  yes later in 2012.
Stay tuned.
I hope that more people will comment here ( and please spare me any spam-attempts ! ) or contact with me on Email / yahoo-messenger.

I am by far alone with my special thing for perms, so are you all, but keep hiding won’t help you a bit.

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In the past year… part III

I was at a salon a few times.

6th October 2009 for a trim

15th November 2009 for a perm

13th January 2010 for a trim

19th March 2010 for a perm

28th Mai 2010 for a trim

7th July 2010 for a perm

And again on Tuesday 7th September 2010.

I entered the salon and noticed ome 4 people where waiting, ahwell I had time enough. After some 10 minutes of waiting one stylist came and asked who was next and which styliste he/she wants. That way all 4 people where divided and hey could go to their favourite stylists to wait in the chair there ( because all stylists where still busy on the other chair,  all stylist have 2 chairs to work with), then she asked me “For a perm?”.. “no ” I replied “ok, so you have don’t need a particulair stylist?” “no, I am ok with all”, I replied. I have found that in this salon all stylists are very well trained and to me it doesn’t matter that much who does my hair, I do prefer the one windowseat ( but that was allready taken) and some stylists do some small things with a perm differently then others, but the result is always good.

So today I got a new stylist, Diana, she works very close to the waiting area.

The boths chairs at the wall , left in the back. I was in the first of the two, so less close to the waiting area then on 28th Mai 2010.

She asked what I wanted done, so I said “cut off some 1 cm overall except in the front , there a bit less please” . She asked if I wanted it washed before, I replied “yes, please”. So Firstly I got a good washing and then she cut my hair , or better trimmed it. Oh boy, it went very curly again. After the cut some mousse was applied and I spend some 20 minutes under a Climasun.

My perm looked like “new” … I loved it.

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Choices to make…part IV

Today I made a choice to go to “my” Salon,  the local Cut & Go… and as he name of the Salon says… it was Cut & Go-time.

Normally I first walk by the side with the huge windows to peek inside what is going on, this time I came from the other side and directly went in. I opend the door and smellt a perm being done, I look in the back and saw an elderly woman being permwound on red rods,  but close to me there was a woman “baking”  under a climasun with blue-rods ( like my perms), I hung my coat away and seated in the waiting area, 4 woman where waiting.

I look through the salon and at the first washingstation and younger woman was being neutralized of a perm on blue rods, I must have hit the “Jackpot” today… 3 perms being done, oh boy. Yes that did exited me very much.

I had to wait sometime this time but with a room filled with permsmell, and I could look directly to 2 woman getting a perm… why does time go so fast?   After some 20 minutes of waiting it was myturn,  this styliste cut my hair once before, today she was working on a chair on the right outside of the photo, normally an other styliste works there but she was on holiday. This chair is next to the waitingarea and the little room where he stylists go for a snack etc.

We walked to her chair and before I sat down, she asked “A perm?” … “well no” I responded,  “ah ok, then a cut with wash?”.  “Yes”  I replied. She directed me to the washingarea, the first bassin ( so the one where a neutralizing was done just minues before), she put a blue towel over my shoulders and I leaned back.  She washed my hair twice and put a towel over it, back to the styling chair.

She drapped a nice dark blue cape on me, and asked “Cut about 2 cm?”  , and showed it with her hands.  I said “no less please , or is my hair so bad?” .. “No” she said “We can do less” … So we went for 1 cm. Why so less?  Well I really like my hair longer, the last styliste that permed me some 10 weeks back kinda cut away a bit much.. she does her job well but I rather have longer hair ( now it’s still possible).

Tanja ( I saw her name on the mobile-permroller-tray) and later on the “bill”, used some clipper to keep my hair up and started in the back. When shes strechtes my hair down to cut it it goes below my shoulders, offcourse with the effect of the perm / curls it “looks”  shorter. She did a very nice cut, we didn’t talk very much.. I didn’t feel very comfortable so close to the waitingarea. She even cut in front even less then 1 cm, which I totally love because there I like it long, sometimes those hairs can touch the tipp of my nose. The cut didn’t took very long in time. She asked “Some mouse in it, and under a dryer?” ..  I said “yes please, that would be nice” .    So she put some mouse in my hair, the kind they use has a smell like flowers etc.. I love it, then she went away to get the silver mobile climasununit and clicked it on. I spend at least 15 minutes under it and played a few Soduko’s on my Nintendo DS.

My curls looked super again. We went to the cashregister and I paid her € 10,- .. Since I now had 10 payslips from this Salon I could get a € 5,- refund.. I gave her those,  she counted them and I got € 5,- returnd. I left a small tipp for Tanja.

I always love it there at the Salon,  later I noticed the names of some of the stylists there: Anna, Sandra ( now even 2), Diana , Tanja… all end on a “a”  and even more fun a person that I have met over this and who I really like also has a name that ends on “a” … live is full of nice things, isn’t?

So I made my hair “ready” for an upcoming perm, which will be something special… just hang on to this blog, or perhaps chat with me on yahoo-messenger to know more about it.

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The past, the present and the future … ? part III

A few years ago I decided it was time to really “feel” how it is to have a perm done. In March 2006 my very first real perm was done but one year before that I was a model at a hairdressingschool for a permwind.

Doing permwinds is a bit “hard” so students have to practise that more then once, on a mannequinhead they start but then they have to switch to a real head which has a less then perfect hairgrow and headshape.. and offcourse a real Person moves and complains if things are uncomfortable. So I got a nice permwind one day, all blue rods. It took her almost 1 hour to wind me. That’s also the reason they have to practise that , to get faster doing it. For an exam they should be able to do a wind in 45 minutes or less.

After my first real perm was done, I decided to look for someone that was looking for a permmodel. I found a woman that could need a model for a perm, so I decided to go for it. I liked it so much, it took longer than in a salon and for less then € 17,-  a  wash / perm / dry …. wow. So I went back again for an other perm a few months later and after that went back once more so she could get more speed in winding. That last time she did 2 permwraps on me, a normal 6 /9-part wrap, that took her a bit less then 45 minutes. After that a brick-lay-pattern , but that took almost 1 hour.

Me during the 2nd real perm done at that school.

A few weeks back a local salon here had an “ad” in the window… “looking for hairmodels” , since they asked on that small paper for everything including perms, I decided to go for it. Went by the salon last week and talked with the owner, he said it was ok if I wanted it next week after making an appointment over telephone, so I did just that.

So 2 days back I went there. A younger woman was allready waiting for me. We went back in the shop, this salon is 4 rooms of stylingstations “deep”. In the first only 2 bigger chairs for men, in the other 3 rooms there are 3 or 4 places per room. We went to the last room, an elderly woman wss getting a wetset, and my place was next to her. My stylist came back with a book full with modern men-cuts… because that’s what she tought I was there for. She was almost ready with her 2 years of beautyschool, an only needed a man for a short cut… well not me;) .  I told her that I only wanted the ends of.

She put a black cape on me, with a small white text on it and ask me to follow her to the washingplace. Every chair in these last 3 rooms had a own forwardwashplace and the mirrors had a frame like a painting, so a bit “old”, in the whole salon there was just one place to do a backwash. She washed my hair twice and did a firm job.. it felt great, and after that a conditioner. With a towel around my head we went back to the last room. There she dried my hair a bit and started cutting it. As always my curls looked better and better after loosing 1 – 1,5 cm.

After the cut she blowdried my hair, I looked like a exploded poodle. Then she put some stuff in it that would help to make it less of a volume… but I still didn’t really like it.

She did a good cut , but I think she was not happy because she didn’t find a model for her male-exam, and I wasn’t happy beause I didn’t like how I looked when I left the salon. I told her that I maybe know someone suited for waht she needs and left the salon, shortly after that went to a toilet and made my hair wet to gave me my curls back … then I was happy again.  btw the photo was taken after I made my hair look like what I like / want.

So this was the 3rd person I was model for, I had high expectations and those expectations where too high. So I leave it at that… next visit to a salon will be my trusty salon again.

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To cut or not to cut?


This Tuesday it was been 2 months since my last perm, so I decided to have my cut a bit.

As always I walk by the big windows a peek inside before entering, wow.. at the last washingplace a person was getting a perm. So I openend the door and directly noticed the smell of the perm being done, I put away my coat and seated myself in the waitingarea. 4 people where waiting, so perhaps this time I had to wait a bit longer? No problem enough to see in the salon, the woman at the sink was getting a perm and an other woman got a wetset.

I had to wait for about 20-30 minutes but with Sudoku on my DS that’s not a problem, and offcourse it’s fun to see some salonaction.  The woman with the perm did not even took a cut after her perm… so with € 13,- she was ready, this salon is nice and cheap.. I love it. And after 10 times you get a € 5 refund.

The wait was over , this time I got  a styliste that I have never before. Her workingplace is just outside the photo, on the leftside. She asked what to do, I said “about 1 cm off?”  then she asked “shall we wash it aswell?” “Yes, please” I replied. She got a nice dark blue cape and put it on me, we went to the washingplace ( the 2nd on the photo) and she washed my hair twice. After that back to the stylingchair.

She was very nice and seemt very young to me so I asked “Are you new here?” … She said “No I have been away for more then year because of my baby” … So that explains why I never seen here before. She used clippers to keep my hair up, wow… at the back my hair is very very long now, but I love it. She nicely trimmed all my hair, and the curls looked “new” again, it is always a good idea to trim permed hair… it keeps the curls very nice. She took about 20 minutes to cut my hair, afterwards she used mousse and I was dryed under the climasun.

Very happy with my looks I paid € 10,- and left again.

This styliste was very nice and did a good job on me, perhaps one day she can do my perm there? I asked her which days she worked, she is Monday en Tuesday off (but today she swapped with someone), so for my perm, which will follow in november, I will go back again to this Cut and Go-salon on a Thursday or Friday, so many of my favourite stylists are there.

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