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Getting ideas from the Internet


The internet is cool place… as many like you for years I tought I was alone with my special feelings  concerning  hairsalons/capes/perms etc …  but boy was I wrong. So over the last 20 odd years I have met with several people that also have somekind of fetish related to hair or salons etc, and during browsing the search on the internet you can find some nice ideas. This month  I will share  some of the Ideas I have picked up over the Internet.

The above photos showed to me a nice salonchair,  and over the many 2nd hand selling websites I found out that it is a Welonda Violetta … and those were offered for sale reguarly so I decided to pick one up. I feels amazing to sit in it ( right now I am sitting in it )

I prefer these salonchair over the big Barberchairs,,, why I still dont know.. lol

Did any of you got any  ideas  over the Internet that you could use in your (hair)fetish.

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Hair(salon) Fun ?


Today I did some Hairsalon fun… decided to go all orange.

Caped / towel on top and 36 orange rollers in my hair,  topped  up with red net .

Photo is older  one… but I used that towel / rollers  and  net.

I also spend time under my Welonda salongraded dryerhood while  sitting in my soft pink salonchair…. it all feels so good…right now I am  still caped and in rollers.

Do any of you do such things too?   or other hair salon / barber related things?  hope to read back in the comments

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A “new” start ? What will the future bring?

Welcome to this blog, maybe you have been coming here for many year.. maybe this is your first visiti here… however you came here, welcome.

This blog is all about having somekind of “fetish”  ( getting sexually aroused ) over thing that have to do with hair. I could be like seeing certain hairstyles, or maybe loving the whole  expierence ate hairdresser, or both. It seem a lot more people seem to have such feelings.

I really love all aspect having to do with curlers, rollers, permingrods,  benders. I even get perms done in a salon  or play a bit with many of my salongoodies at home.

Feeling rollers  or permrods in my hair feels  so good to me… sand I even just love having  curly hair.

These feelings developed when I was young, why I still dont know… perhaps one of you all can help me to figure it out?

I love sitting in my  pink salonchair wearing a cape, and sometimes using one of my 2  dryerhoods.

What do you all think of this?  Do you have a fetish related to hair? a hairdo? The salonexpiernce?  Hope to hear back from you all.


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Some photos part I

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What would you do?

You entered this salon and these five hairstylists greet you, which would you choose to get your hair done by?

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Changes… everywhere

Always nice , yes?  Seeing a perm being done in a salon. Are you read for a change? Do you dare to be different and get some curly hair?

Some 3,5 months ago I too was again at the salon, it was time to reperm my hair. I so love it all, 2 hours in that place feeling the rods being put in my hair and all those other things that happen then.

Also I got myself lots of nice hairstuff, more capes, rollers and…. even some permsolution, oh boy these things I do at home feel so real now. I found some very nice people to videochat with, yes more people like perms. So perhaps you want to do some webcam perhaps?  I use Skype for that, please email me on  if you like to do  webcamchat , please note that seeing me means seeing you, so your webcam (or Smartphone / Ipad etc)  should work.

So many nice things can be done if you have a fetish that is related to hair or salons or capes or..  but of course you must first trust yourself. To me it was all about curlers and perms, I was so envious on woman going to a very nice decorated salon and spend hours there. I wanted to undergo the whole proces of a perm since I was a child, but noway did I wanted to have the curls from it ! I started to make stories in my head that when I got my hair long enough a hairdresser would advise me to get a perm, that didn’t happen,  what a suprise, or not?

One of the things I daydreamt was having a small salonplace at home, in a similiar style as those ladiessalons, nice colors, dryerhoods, backwardswashing place and everything. I am kinda doing that now, as I type this I am sitting in my pink salonchair, I can dry my hair under one of two salondryerhoods and I have lots and lots of capes , curlers etc.

Trust me with this, if you want it and it is poissible  do it, better to regret having tried it, then regret not having tried it. 12,5 years ago ( ok almost)  I got that very first perm done and biy did I love it, in fact I still do, I still remember that day as if it was just yesterday. Nothing changed for me, I still  love the whole proces in the salon, I still have curly hair, I still am open  for videochat, what about you?

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What’s up? (with you)

It’s been 6 months after my last posting here. It’s getting harder and harder to think of things to write here, also I was expecting to be more feedback from my many readers, perhaps I was expecting too much?

I put up polls to try to get a better feeling what you would like to see, or what kind of things interest you. To be able to use that information in our advantage. I know that more and more people are caring for their privacy when using the internet, but if people with similiar likings as I have want to able to connect to others then you can’t “hide” behind a keyboard and hoping something will happen. Writing a comment or an Email will help us all.

As I was a child or teen I allready noticed my interest in perms and rollers, I tought by letting my hair grow that one day a hairstylist perhaps even tell me to try a perm, of course that never happenend and most likely will never happen. To be able to achieve something you have to start doing something for it, so if you like to feel how it is to be permed then ask for one, do it…. or…. wait for too long and it maybe is not possible anymore , for whatever reason.

Changing your hair this way is not an easy choice, for men even harder then for woman. But maybe you can try to get the feeling by being a model for a hairstylist in training, it is very hard to do a good permwinding or rollerset, so upcoming hairstylist will have to practise that as often as possible. A nice advantage of this is, that it will take them much longer in time, we don’t mind that, do we?  😉

Perhaps you buy some rollers and try doing it yourself? I still do that from time to time and show it using Skypewebcam, does that sound intresting? Maybe you too like to see that one day? Just send me an email asking for my Skypedetails.

In the picture above you see some nice dryerhoods, I love these so much I bought one. Mine is not a version hanging from the wall but one on a rolling base, these dryerhoods are many years old ( mine must be over 30 years old ! ) and can be bought for nice prizes if you are lucky. Do you like dryerhoods? Do you have one? Want one? or.. please comment about your likings for these things.

My hair is still permed in curls, currently it is very long and because of that I can do so many things with it using all my rollers and permrods. I recently got myself some big rollers and boy are these fun to play with, over the last months I did many sets over Skypewebcam and had several people watch it, some of those also did somekind of hairsalonplay or even with curlers of somekind. I plan to do much more sets in the near future and perhaps you can join then?

My very first perm was now over 12 years ago, so many perms have followed and I still love this whole proces so much, I wouldn’t mind being in curlers every days… hehe. I too wasted a lot of time, I could have started with perms perhaps 10 years earlier, perhaps even more. All those years are gone forever, you can’t turn back time you can only look forward, so if you like things with hair and salons, do it… you only live once.

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A new year.. Part V

2017 is coming to an end. Perhaps also the end of your hair being straight? Start 2018 with a nice new curly hairdo.

I thank you all for visiting this blog in 2017 and for some from as far back as 31th December 2006. Yes this blog turns 11 in just a few days. Over those years I have had met many nice people that share likings towards hair / salons / capes and rollers / perms. Some I have met with in real life, good memories from it.

So yes in 2018 my hair will be curly, and yes I still love it very much to be in curlers or permrods. I feel blessed with my fetish, it is like an extra “bonus” to be able to enjoy things on other level. I still don’t know why I got this, but that doesn’t matter too much to me.

I am glad that so many people come to this blog read it, watch it and comment it. The polls are voted by many of you, which gives me some nice feedback of the things you all like.

I hope you all got on this blog what you were looking for, and see you in 2018.

Edit:  1st January 2018

In total from 158 different Countries visitors to this blog came from. So I assume this blog is bringing you what you expected from it.

Many thanks you all, and may we see you back on this blog in 2018 and further.

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A new year.. Part IV

Just sit back, relax and let your hairstylist put you in permrods and yes it is all worth it, trust me.

She is smiling , and so can you, get a perm, dare to be different. Hairfashion is so boring now, just straight hair everywhere and some color, booo.. !  Go for waves, curls !  Go different and do what others don’t .

I really hope that in 2018 (or in these last days before the new year) more dare to venture into curly hair. I find my hair so much nicer in curls, it is so easy to maintain and looks so nice.

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A new year.. Part III


The world is a big place so even permingtools can look different. I call this type of permrods, european style. I have seen these also being used in Australia.

These come in many sizes / colors. The rubberband can be round or flat, sometimes with one hole to close them sometimes with two. Silicon is also sometimes used instead of rubbers, these can easily be replaced with one sort or the other.

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