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Nice “toys” , part III

I got those other permtools when I decided to buy these.

What are these? Well, the are called  Creative Shapers and made by the compagny Wella. As you can see these come several sizes. The red and purple are the same size , they made newer sets of these and changed the color of them.

Where regular permrods get fastenend using a rubber band , these use a clip instead. Some clips fit two sizes of rollers. The purple/pink clips fit on both purple and pink rollers (and red because those are the same width as purple). The yellew/pink clips fit on yellow and pink rollers. The blue clips only fit the blue rollers. What is so special with these rollers is that not round but more eclipsedshaped and this eclips turns from one end to other about 45degrees. This means that over the length of the rollers a different shape of curl is made from right to left (or the other way around)

Here you can see two different types of clips on the same size rollers


Who has ever seen these before? in a salon or somewhere else, it would be nice to get some feedback then.

I already tried those rollers on myself, and I kinda like them. They don’t feel tight because of the way of the clips are being put over the rollers and they are really light weighted.

Maybe one day you want to see me? My webcam works over Skype, just email me about the details, yes seeing me is seeing you too.

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Nice “toys” , part II

Since I love curlers / rollers / permingtools, I like to collect those.

Sometimes you find things for sale you never seen before, like the above permingtools. I bought these after seeing an add for selling hairsalonstuff. I think these permingtools are from the brand Wella.  Wella has made several other special permingtools in the past and still does. Maybe someone can write me what these are called and how the resulting perm will look like.

Sofar I didn’t try these rods, but I will, perhaps you are able to watch me over skypewebcam when I do.

So my collection of salonthings keeps growing, and I keep playing with them. Perhaps some of you want to share what you have?

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Nice “toys” , part I

I always wanted more nice things at home to be able to act out being in a hairsalon. I will show here this month the nice things I have now at home.

First my salonchair. A Welonda Violetta, in softpink. I must be over 30 year old, but still in perfect working order. I found this one over the internet by having some patience. I simply searched and browsed for Hairsalonchair for some time and saw this make and model several times. Sometimes in this softpink colour, sometimes in other colours, most of the time black. With this brand of salonchair one can choose several bases, I was most intrested in a model on wheels so I can use it with an standing washingplace and also it can be used as an office chair ( yes I am sitting in it right now)

My chair gets used all the time and I love it a lot. To anyone having somekind of hair(salon) related fetish (and you have since you are reading this) I can only say buy one too.

Perhaps you want to see the chair in liveaction? That is possible, just send me an Email and we can do a webcamchat, yes you need to show up over webcam to be able to see me.

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Permfun, Part 3


Who will join her?

Will you go for a perm? or did you allready did it?

I did, and still do, I so love it all… the time in a salon(chair), the smell(s) there and the whole atmosphere. I am glad I decided to get that perm done , the one I wanted for so many years. Still when I see such a photo or feel the rollers in my hair, I get excited a lot.

All those years from my childhood untill the 90s I tought I was alone with my feelings, then over the internet I found a lot of groups and chat etc, so cool… many others share my passion for perms or for saloncapes or other hair(salon) related things.

I like being able to talk with others about these things and do webcam over Skype. I have shown myself over many webpages and like it if you show yourself too, a webcam is not expensive but the feedback you get by using it is priceless. I am lucky to have been able to meet many nice people over chats / skype and it is so much fun to be able to talk about such fetish-feelings that way.

Perhaps I will see you soon?

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Permfun, Part 2


Yet an other person going for a curly look.

Each time I see a head full of permingrods I have a nice feeling. For many years I have tought about of how that would feel on me, being wound on many permrods sitting caped in a salon where mostly woman get their hair done. My very first expierence of being permed I still remember very well, even tho it’s was close to 11 years ago.

My current perm was done 2 months back, and I still love these curls on me. Also the whole time in the salon I really liked.

From time to time I play with my hairsalongoodies ( even a true ladiessalonchair !) and show it over Webcam sing Skype, perhaps some of you like to webcamchat with me? Please send me an Email on and we can then webcamchat.

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Hello World, part V


An other year almost gone by.

I can’t complain about 2016, many nice things I have done. Several salonvisits ( yes I still have a nice curly perm !) and got some more hairsalonstuff to play with ( and I bet more is coming)

I have let my hair grow over the past 2 years, and I totally love this length. In the back 25 cm or more. The longer hair means less perming otherwise each strand of hair gets permed way too much with the result that the hair will become very briddle and dry etc.  Because of the length I can do much with all my types of permrods / rollers etc.. and that is so much fun.

On the last day of 2006 I started blogging ( so tomorrow 10 years !), the amount of readers on this blog and the fact they come from so many different parts of the world gives me the motivation to continue this.

The last years I put up a small worldgraph of where my readers come from, too bad that all-time graph is gone from the wordpress-stats but I can count these from the last years by hand.. so on the 1st of January 2017 they will be a small update here.

What will 2017 bring? Many new things for hairplay perhaps? Some visits to the salon and maybe some meets with other people that I have found over the internet or they me. Yes, I also meet people. It’s a lot of fun to be able to really meet others with somekind of hair(salon) related fetish. I have done so in the past and will do more in the future. How does that work?  Well after some Email orso I will continue over Skype , on Skype however I will want to see you over webcam ( I only meet people after seeing them on webcam), luckely webcams are very easy to work with and cost almost nothing (most portable computers have one build in as part of the standard package). If you want to skype with me please send me an Email first, and be prepared to show yourself over webcam ( sorry no webcam = no Skype with me)

So what will 2017 bring to you?  It’s always nice to read back from my many readers worldwide.

I wish you all a very good New Year !

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Hello World, part III


2016 is coming to an end, so is current hairfashion? Are we going to see more scenes in the salon then the above?

I was in the salon for a perm 2 times this year, my hair is stil good and strong but so long now that too much perms could ruin it. I like my hair this way, I can do lots of play here at home, for that I bought a lot of new things. As I am typing this I am sitting caped under an orange cape, with an orange towel on top and a white one under the cape. I my hair are 36 orange rollers ( 22 mm diameter) I used setting lotion and spends some time under a dryerhood. I did this because I wanted to show someone it over webcam per Skype, but that person didn’t showed up. Is that how we treat our fellowfetishjist?

Since Yahoomessenger got totally screwed up I don’t use that anymore, I switched to Skype. I also want the other to show up over webcam, I don’t chat when it is not possible to do some two-way webcam.

This is one of my new “toys”


A real salonchair, brand Welonda, model Violetta  in softpink. As you can see it has a pump, it rolls on wheels and the rolling can be stoped with a brake, the lever for the pump can block the rotation of the chair. The back can lean back, when used for a washing in a standing washingplace.

I am now sitting in this chair and I love it so much, it really adds to the realism of my homehairsalonplays.

My chair will get a lot of ussage and so do many other things I have.

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Getting opinions, part IV

Last week I mentioned about ending 2012  with a “bang” .. well A “bang”  is something hairrelated but I meant it more as.. ahwell.

Over the last years I have been very active on the internet playing it fair about who I am  and what I feel. I don’t like it that way too many men still play their mindgames in claiming that they are females etc, No I am who I am. This way I don’t have to loose time and effort in things that will lead to nothing.

My philosophy is shared by others too, and because of that I found some very nice friends over the years ( look at the blogroll ) , and offcoarse also many real other friends that I chat with over the yahoo-messenger.

Earlier this month I got some very nice material from someone and will share it here.

437-001 (1)

What we see here is a nice woman ready to get a nice hairwashing.


She was rolled in nice permrods. Green and blue rods and sticks under de rubbers of the permrods.


A nice side view.


Then the stinky chemicals came into play, well protected with a heavy-duty cape, some cottonwool and the necktray. With a plastic bag over her rods she still looks sweet.. ( the smile helps even extra )


Getting a perm done is a long proces.

A good trained stylist can wind a perm in 20-25 minutes, but the chemicals need their time, also the rinsing need to be done well and good.

To me the whole time in permrods is just an amazing feeling, I believe she shares a bit of my passion ( or I hope she does 😉 ) , she is most likely thinking   “How will the curls turn out?”

501-001 (1)

Well.. that was that… Sweet curls.

Who of you all will follow her in this trend in 2013?

This was/is/will be the last posting of 2012 here, this will be edited perhaps a few times on the upcoming days, so stay tuned and check it out!

I hope more of my many reader stay fair as I do and maybe have the same luck as my friend Doccape from Denmark ( he did this perm at his home , please look at blogroll ), playing it fair and open will bring you much much more then keep trying to fool people into thinking that you are what you are not.

Many many many thank go to Doccape and the woman for giving me these photos to share here.

As you all can see a perm does make for a nice change, and can fit more people of all ages.

Happy perming in 2013 to you all.

Addition 1-1-2013:

On 31th December 2006  I started blogging on the yahoo-360 pages, because that was closed down I went to wordpress.I started this blog (will continue that way), to share with the world what I feel and many other people feel too. If you look on the internet you will have found out allready that there are more places with people chatting about a sexual fetish that is related to hair in anyway, may it be washing it, cutting it or curling it or.. etc.  I am glad that there is the internet because during my childhood I started developing my feelings towards perms but tought I was “strange” , that I was “alone” , that etc.  But with this global medium we can find others to relate to and perhaps maybe… who knows.

What I am doing on this blog seems to be very intresting to many people and I thnk you all for reading my blog, I hope for all of you that have feelings in this fetishrange that in 2013 you too will be able to enjoy it to the max.


From  116 Countries  people came to my blog since February 2012, thank you all.

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Permsets. Part I

Last month it was about results.
But how do you / we / me  look in a salon getting a perm done?

This week, benderrods.  And some very thick ones too. These give a much less tight curl and thus the result looks more like a wave.

It seems that perms that give more texture / shape instead of curls might have a change of getting back in fashion, even this fall !  yes later in 2012.
Stay tuned.
I hope that more people will comment here ( and please spare me any spam-attempts ! ) or contact with me on Email / yahoo-messenger.

I am by far alone with my special thing for perms, so are you all, but keep hiding won’t help you a bit.

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Dreams.. part III

I have a dream… that one day all woman will enjoy getting perm… well ok..

No but I do have a “strange” dream, or perhaps more like a wish. Wouldn’t it be nice / better if people on the internet where more open and fair about themselfs?

So yes, I am straight male with a sexual fetish for perms.. Is that “weird” / “strange” ?  Well maybe a bit, but I say who / what I am and you can see me here on this blog , on several yahoo-groups or over webcam on your screen. Too bad I keep getting contact to males that try to fool me into thinking that het are females. To me it doesn’t matter that a very high percentage of people active on the internet, in search for things like a fetish for perm or other hair/salon related fetish, are males.

I have put a lot of effort in going on the internet and showing / writing about what makes me “tick” … why? Not because I wanna show myself off, but because to show many other people that they are not alone with this kind of sexual fetish.. perhaps we can help each other, maybe you are about to do what I did… maybe you are afraid… maybe.. you all fill in the blank…  But I think we all can agree that none of us want to chat for a very very long time with people that play somekind of gender-bender-mindgame.. just so they can jerk off because they got you “hot”.

So my dream now is.. just all be fair to other people on the internet don’t be shy about who/what you are.. here other people will more likely understand what you are going too.. if I see how many people found my blog over certain google-searches… If you have a fetish for hair / salons / capes ( maybe perms?)  then you are not alone …

I am a very lucky fellow in finding a nice woman that shares my fetish, and we chat a lot … maybe one day.. who knows. My being so open and fair made that contact happen.

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