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A new year.. Part V

2017 is coming to an end. Perhaps also the end of your hair being straight? Start 2018 with a nice new curly hairdo.

I thank you all for visiting this blog in 2017 and for some from as far back as 31th December 2006. Yes this blog turns 11 in just a few days. Over those years I have had met many nice people that share likings towards hair / salons / capes and rollers / perms. Some I have met with in real life, good memories from it.

So yes in 2018 my hair will be curly, and yes I still love it very much to be in curlers or permrods. I feel blessed with my fetish, it is like an extra “bonus” to be able to enjoy things on other level. I still don’t know why I got this, but that doesn’t matter too much to me.

I am glad that so many people come to this blog read it, watch it and comment it. The polls are voted by many of you, which gives me some nice feedback of the things you all like.

I hope you all got on this blog what you were looking for, and see you in 2018.

Edit:  1st January 2018

In total from 158 different Countries visitors to this blog came from. So I assume this blog is bringing you what you expected from it.

Many thanks you all, and may we see you back on this blog in 2018 and further.


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A new year.. Part IV

Just sit back, relax and let your hairstylist put you in permrods and yes it is all worth it, trust me.

She is smiling , and so can you, get a perm, dare to be different. Hairfashion is so boring now, just straight hair everywhere and some color, booo.. !  Go for waves, curls !  Go different and do what others don’t .

I really hope that in 2018 (or in these last days before the new year) more dare to venture into curly hair. I find my hair so much nicer in curls, it is so easy to maintain and looks so nice.

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A new year.. Part III


The world is a big place so even permingtools can look different. I call this type of permrods, european style. I have seen these also being used in Australia.

These come in many sizes / colors. The rubberband can be round or flat, sometimes with one hole to close them sometimes with two. Silicon is also sometimes used instead of rubbers, these can easily be replaced with one sort or the other.

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A new year.. Part II

You need some patience getting a perm, depending on the hairlength and size of the permingrod it will take between 1,5 and several hours. To me this all is so much fun, you feel the tension on the rollers, it smells strange.

From time to time I try to put my own hair in curlers  / permrods. I have everything for that here at home, even the permingtray ( black plastic tray on her shoulders) and the cottonband and the used neckstrip. I won’t do a real perm, not on myself or on anybody because with a perm lots of things can go wrong.  Perms are best done by a good stylist in a salon, doesn’t have to be the most expensive salon, in fact it is better to go to a salon where they regularly do perms instead of an expensive place that only perms a few times in a month.

Fashion still dictates straight hair… booo !  But we see more perms being done, and who knows what 2018 will bring… or perhaps just simply do what you want, why do your hair the way as all others do?  Dare to be yourself, dare to be different, dare to get a perm done.

Maybe some of you like to be able to webcamchat with me?  Please write me an Email  on

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A new year.. Part I

Has went by… will begin.

It was 11 years ago now that I started this blog. My very first entry , back then it was on the yahoo 360-pages. A few years later those got closed down and it was possible to migrate to wordpress. Since I am on WordPress this blog really has grown.

My hair has also grown, I love this length even tho it is not recommended to perm it too often.

Who of you is following this blog for how long?

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